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The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding In-Person and Telephone Consultations:

1. How do I schedule an In-Person or Telephone Consultation?
All Consultations are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please contact us at 918-960-3400 to schedule an appointment.

2. Do I need to fill out any forms or bring any documents to the consultation?
Yes.  Prior to your consultation, you will be required to complete and sign a short questionnaire.  You need to provide any relevant documentation regarding your case, i.e. copes of petitions, approvals, denials, etc.  If scheduling a telephone consultation, you will be required to fax the information to 918-960-3403.

3. If I have additional questions or problems after my consultation, can I have another consultation without having to pay another consultation fee?
This is a one-time only consultation and is limited to the specific questions or situations for the person seeking the advice.  If there are new or additional issues or future changes in circumstances or the law, a new consultation (and new consultation fee) will be required.  If you retain the attorney to work on your case, any further questions will be answered (related to the case) at no extra charge. The attorney will schedule any further consultations if he determines that this is necessary.

4. Can I bring relatives or friends to the consultation so that they can ask questions about their situations?
The consultation is limited to one person’s situation.  If another person has questions or concerns about their own situation, they will need to make a seperate appointment, complete a questionnaire and pay their own consultation fee.

5. If I retain your services, can you “guarantee” the success of the case?
No attorney, by law, can “guarantee” any particular outcome.  While we can advise you about the risks involved, the benefits, and the chances of success - based on previous cases and professional opinion - but we cannot predict or guarantee the outcome of any case.  Cases are based on merit and are approved at the discretion of the immigration officer assigned to the case.



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